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From ‘Good’ to ‘Great’

NoReservations Viable Capital was founded in 2018 by Robert van den Burg as a corporate improvement firm. In 2020, we shifted gears to a newly established Company Acquisition firm, that exists to let our portfolio businesses make more money and to drive resources into and break down barriers for solving social and human problems.

We predominantly acquire -only in full ownership- cross-border mid-market companies and transform them entirely from ‘Good’ to ‘Excellent’, regardless economic, financial and social circumstances.

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Our ‘Philosophy and Mission’ – in our own personal, peculiar, informal manner – is to unleash the inherent potential and ingenuity in people and organizations, so they create the unimaginable. We build and lead with reason, knowledge and science, not with hypes and management illusions.

As a result, NRVC Portfolio Companies create more jobs and opportunities and take better care of our natural resources, Because our businesses have a thoughtful DNA, will endeavor more motivated employees, save resources, drive exceptionally high profits than average Public Companies, and -paradoxically- be more satisfying than even the material wealth it creates. Because making exceptional profit and ‘doing’ good are not mutually exclusive -they are complementary!